Flint’s ‘toxic soup’ polluted water worse for children than thought, doctor says

Read about the ongoing situation here. Here in New Orleans, our old pipes can lead to high lead levels too, which is why we’ve partnered with LSUHSC School of Public Health’s LEAD Study, which is testing tap water around New Orleans in high risk homes. If you are interested in having your water tested, please email leadstudy@lsuhsc.edu or go to their website sph.lsuhsc.edu/leadstudy for more information.

Dutch Boy paint manufacturer under legal scrutiny

Lawyer Ronald Motley wants to have all current and former paint manufacturers pay to remove every piece of lead-based paint in every wall, door frame and windowsill in every dwelling unit in the U.S. The first-year cost of getting lead out of all federal housing alone would be an estimated $458 million. Why not instead pursue landlords who allow peeling paint? Motley has settled two dozen suits against them nationwide, but of course landlords don’t have the deep pockets of the paint industry. …Read More